Select the Best Experts in Cold Weather Roofing Arlington Heights Has to Offer

Experts usually have a lot to say about making the best decisions regarding roofing Arlington Heights, IL, being one of the places where you can find a plethora of reliable roofers both in the city itself and in nearby Chicago.


With minimum temperatures slipping below zero every year, however, getting recommendations on how to select the best quotes is not the only important thing to look for. Arlington Heights roofers should also be able to provide you with reliable support for the winter months, or a new roof that can withstand the harsher climate of the area.


Cold Weather Roofing Recommendations


When you live in a city like Arlington Heights, it is essential to make sure your roof can withstand snow storms, ice buildup and the cold Illinois winter temperatures. The main issue has to do with adhesives, since all roofing system require them, and most adhesives need a warmer climate to keep the roof together for a longer time period.


One of the best choices for cold weather roofing is a low-tech roof. Materials such as metal, cedar and some other types of wood can provide adequate support for cold weather. Also, the adhesives required to keep these roofing systems sturdy all year round are neither very expensive, nor will they cave in when the winter comes.


EPDM single-ply membrane roofing and low-cost asphalt shingle systems, on the other hand, are usually a gamble. Roofers may risk installing them in the spring sometimes, as the higher temperatures that follow could offer enough support to ensure the roof remains stable when the weather cools down.


However, this isn’t a guarantee, and in the case of EPDM the adhesives are hard to work with even in warmer temperatures. While there are ways to make EPDM work as a cold weather alternative, the costs involved are substantially higher than the installation of a common wood or metal roof.


Tips on How to Choose the Best Proposal


Once you’ve found the best Arlington Heights roofers who offer quality support for cold weather roofing, it’s time to get quotes and estimates on their services. However, instead of just getting a quick online quote, it may be best to find a professional roofing company that can give you a full roofing inspection and provide a detailed proposal as well:


  • First, make sure any roofer you contact provides you with a detailed, written proposal and estimate that contains the pricing and all other essential details of the project.
  • The proposal should contain detailed information about the materials to be used and the scope of the project – for example, flashing work, the removal of the existing roof and/or the partial or complete replacement of the roofing system.
  • There should also be information about who is responsible for managing the interior and landscape repairs required once work on the new roof is completed.
  • Finally, estimated starting and completion dates, average pricing figures and the length of warranty for labor and materials should all be included in your proposal.


With the help of these simple tips, you should have no problem finding some of the most dependable and highly professional local experts in roofing Arlington Heights has to offer.