Quality Support for Roof Replacement from Flagstaff Residential Roofing Companies

Although a good patchwork can almost always help you reduce your roofing costs, Flagstaff experts agree that an old roof is often better to be replaced than to risk spending money on repair jobs that won’t hold.


With help from the best Flagstaff residential roofing companies, however, you can have the work completed in no time at all and even save some money on what would otherwise be an expensive and lengthy re-roofing job.


What to Take Note of When Replacing Your Old Roof


Before replacing your old roof, it is essential to make sure all the necessary steps are taken for the work to be smooth and straightforward. Your Flagstaff roofing service will, first of all, arrive at your location and evaluate the state of the current roof to make a detailed note of what the work will entail. You will then receive a detailed written estimate that you can either approve or reject.


While looking at your estimate and talking to the roofers, here are a few essential things to consider:


  • The time frame of the project – when will it start, how long will it take, and most importantly, is the time period in question a convenient one for you and your household?
  • The price – ask the roofers how much the entire job will cost, and make sure the exact amount is confirmed through a certified, written estimate.
  • Insurance details and warranty – make sure you are protected by a good insurance policy in the event of injury or damage, and the labor and material warranties are in place to protect your interests in case the new roof gets damaged too soon.
  • Who will supply the materials? Most local roofers will be able to provide all materials, and they can also make sure you get a better deal through the manufacturers they work with.


The Replacement Process


Even though replacing a roof is always more of a complicated issue than mainstream repairs, the most dependable and knowledgeable Flagstaff residential roofing companies will usually finish the job quite easily. The process entailed is overall very simple:


  1. After you gave them the green light to proceed with the project, your roofers will first get to work scraping off your old roof and repairing any damage to the decking. In some instances some or even all elements of the roof sheathing might need replacing as well.
  2. After the “foundation” of the new roof is properly prepared, additional layers such as underlayment and a protective membrane will be added for more support and insulation.
  3. Finally, the shingles and fascia have to be installed and the roof properly examined and tested for any leaks or problems.


While this set of tasks comprises the main steps to getting a new roof, it’s not always that simple. In some cases special materials and elements also have to be added, including skylights and additional protective layers both underneath and over the roof. Also, if you had major problems with insulation and ventilation in the attic, the entire architecture of the roof may have to be rethought.


Fortunately, with the most experienced and reliable Flagstaff roofing company at your side, all these jobs can be finished in no time, so you can relax and enjoy your brand new roof for a long time to come.